Welcome to Mypop for companies

A first impression is important. We would therefore like to introduce ourselves.

Providing convenience in a progressive way

When representing your brand, it is important to leave the right impression. Mypop wants to contribute to this by highlighting your company. We do this by providing you with digital business cards, which can be personalized as desired.

We provide you with the tools,

you make the impression

The tools we offer you consist of our products in combination with the Mypop app. With the app you bring personality to your digital business card and find your built-up network in one place.

More than an ordinary business card

Save contact

Thanks to the Save contact function, your conversation partner saves your data in the phone at the touch of a button. They will receive all primary contact details that you show on your digital business card.

Let's connect

When your interlocutor likes to connect with you by sharing his data with you, they do this with the Let's connect function. If your connection uses the Mypop app, you will receive the contact details back. If they visit your business card via a browser, you will receive the data in your mailbox.


Mypop originated from the idea that exchanging contact details should be sustainable, fast and easy .

Is sustainability a high priority within your company? Then Mypop is for you!


During networking you like to put your company in the spotlight.

We like to develop Mypop products so that this is possible. With the Mypop tag and Mypop card you can choose to supply your own logo or design.

You can also give your business card more personality with the new Mypop app by adjusting the color palette and the cover photo.


In your digital business card you will find the option to share your primary contact details, but also your website, social media profiles and Whatsapp .

You share your business card using NFC . You can also save your profile in your Apple Wallet .

Sharing your business card is possible without the app , if your interlocutor does not have the Mypop app in his or her possession, it will automatically open in the browser.

Represent your brand

Personalize your Mypop tag or Mypop card by adding your own logo or design. We do this from 1 piece! View some examples on our product page.

Knowing more?

Curious about what we can do for your company or would you like to talk to us? Do not hesitate!